Company Culture


Our Mission

We are committed to every link of production, and strictly control every detail from raw materials, production technology, design, manufacturing, testing, etc., to ensure excellent product quality.


Corporate Vision

Grasp the pulse of the times, gain insight into customer needs, and expand the road of innovation

Core Value

"Science and technology innovation", as Haihao people, we must constantly challenge ourselves, constantly deny ourselves, deny the past, and forge ahead and climb to higher goals through study, tenacious struggle and enterprising work spirit.


Enterprise Spirit

The road is tortuous and arduous, and the confidence is enduring and fearless. With its unique charm, it has won countless praises. The various honors that Hai Hao has won are also bright shining points on the journey of struggle. They are both pressure and motivation. They live up to expectations, move forward bravely, and actively open up new worlds.